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Allergy Relief for Dogs

allergies in dogs

It’s allergy season! YUP! Dogs have seasonal allergies too. If you’re someone who experiences seasonal allergies, you know what a pain this time of year can be. Constant itching, nonstop scratching and endless runny noses. CBD can help. CBD works to strengthen the body’s immune system and helps to better fight allergic reactions such as

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Dog!

valentine's day with dogs

Valentine’s Day with your Dog If your Valentine has four legs and a tail, you’ve come to the right place. While Valentine’s Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated with your significant other, our furry best friend’s unconditional love is nearly impossible to match. Your pup shows their love for you 365 days of the year,

Amazon: Building Your Dog’s Enrichment Exercise 

Enrichment Exercise is so important for your dog’s health. While a trip to the park or a walk around the block are both great forms of physical exercise for your dog, we often forget that it’s not just their bodies that need exercise.  It’s important we provide our FBF’s with mental stimulation to exercise their

How YUP PUP Can Help Your Dog This Holiday

holiday dog

Help your Dog this Holiday The Holiday season means festive fun with family, friends, and Fido. With all that holiday fun, comes holiday burnout. While you and your family practice self-care with red wine or bubble baths– your pup does not have that same luxury. This holiday season, don’t let the non-stop, festive fun wear


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