YUP PUP Donates to Mission K9

“Our Yup Pup treat is the only treat that Mission K-9 uses in aiding that dog in coming back into the world. Mission K-9 rehabilitates these dogs, and then they reunite them with their military person they served with, which is a phenomenal emotional reunion, as you can imagine,” Sequenzia said.

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“We know that diet and exercise are two of the most important things we do. So, we think it’s a great thing to combine those things with our furry best friends. So, we are sponsoring this event to get people out there and run with their dogs and have a great Labor Day weekend,” said Joe Sequenzia.

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YUP PUP Launches Dog Treats – FOX61

“We came up with a very simple ingredient base – seven all natural organic ingredients.  It has hemp in it and we started YUP PUP.  We began manufacturing and began marketing the product April 15,” said Sequenzia.

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YUP PUP Launches Dog Treats – News12 CT

“What we saw with CBD in our treats with YUP PUP is immediate,” he said. “So things like anxiety, it’s an immediate difference. It’s a daily treat, they eat it every day. For our 10-year-old golden, he can go up and down the stairs again. For our 4-year-old golden, it makes him a little less crazy.”

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YUP PUP Launches Dog Treats – WTNH

“Hemp is an all-natural remedy, as you probably know, and it seems to be all the rage right now, for everything from pain, sleep, anxiety,” Sequenzia said. “So, as we started using it ourselves, we thought we could also look into this for our dogs.”

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