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Amazon: Building Your Dog’s Enrichment Exercise 

Enrichment Exercise is so important for your dog’s health. While a trip to the park or a walk around the block are both great forms of physical exercise for your dog, we often forget that it’s not just their bodies that need exercise.  It’s important we provide our FBF’s with mental stimulation to exercise their

Product Spotlight: Savory Salmon Snacks

salmon oil for dogs benefits

Savory Salmon Snacks: Salmon Oil for Dogs Benefits salmon oil for dogs benefits Whether your pup experiences joint pain, anxiety, tummy troubles, itchiness or none of the above, your #FBF will love our Savory Dog Treats.  YUP PUP™ Savory Salmon Snacks are like a multivitamin, probiotic, green juice for your dog. Our salmon dog treats


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