Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs

cbd for dogs

cbd for dogs

The first question we always get when it comes to YUP PUP™ is: WIll it make my dog high?

The short answer is No. YUP PUP will not make your dog high and here is why:

YUP PUP dog treats are made of hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD. These are just fancy terms that mean our product does NOT come from the cannabis plant and therefore does NOT contain any THC. 

CBD can get a bad rap because there is a lot of misinformation out there about different types of CBD and THC. 

Here’s how YUP PUP differs from most brands:

YUP PUP is made of Broad-Spectrum CBD. Popular brands like Holista Pet, Honest Paws, cbdMD, CBDfx and Lazarus Naturals all use Full-Spectrum CBD. 

Broad-Spectrum CBD has ZERO THC properties and is only derived from the hemp plant. Full-Spectrum CBD contains 0.3% THC and can be derived from the cannabis plant. 

Put simply: Broad-Spectrum CBD does not have the capability, at any dosage level, of getting your dog (or you) high. However, if your dog ingests more than the recommended dosage of Full-Spectrum CBD, your dog can potentially feel a euphoric high. 

So how can YUP PUP’s Hemp-derived Broad-Spectrum CBD treats help your pup?

Ease Anxiety: Broad Spectrum hemp extract has a calming effect on the nerves by targeting serotonin receptors. This promotes relaxation and helps manage stress.

Reduce Inflammation: YUP PUP Treats support a healthy immune system, which can help promote a normal inflammatory response in the body. This aids with issues like joint pain or discomfort.

Relieve Pain: Broad-Spectrum Hemp for dogs inhibits the breakdown of anandamide, which regulates inflammation and helps with pain management. 

Anticonvulsant: Abnormal neuron function sometimes leads to tremors and seizures. Broad-Spectrum hemp helps maintain normal nervous system function and promote healthy brain activity.

Antiemetic: Hemp for dogs is useful in the control of nausea and vomiting. Since it is common to have nausea while undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, YUP PUP helps in this situation and may even stimulate appetite. 

Ease Digestion: Broad-Spectrum CBD has been shown to decrease pain and inflammation in the intestines. YUP PUP can serve as a muscle relaxant in circumstances and can help with digestion. 

Overall, Broad-Spectrum CBD has proven to be incredibly safe for dogs.*

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