How YUP PUP Can Help Your Dog This Holiday

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Help your Dog this Holiday

The Holiday season means festive fun with family, friends, and Fido. With all that holiday fun, comes holiday burnout.

While you and your family practice self-care with red wine or bubble baths– your pup does not have that same luxury.

This holiday season, don’t let the non-stop, festive fun wear you or your furry best friend out.

Here are three ways YUP PUP™ can help your dog get ready for the hectic holiday season.

  1. Relieves Anxiety

While you cook, catch up with family, or attend a holiday party, your FBF may experience anxiety. Give your dog 1 treat 20-30 minutes before the festivities begin to help ease the extra stress.

  1. Ease digestion

Bring out the stuffing, Christmas ham, and pumpkin pie! While we don’t recommend serving your pup a plate of your holiday dinner, YUP PUP can help ease their digestion after licking the leftovers from the dining room floor.

  1.  Improve Mobility

Snowball fights, sledding, and snowy winter walks are just around the corner. Give your pup a daily YUP PUP multivitamin to maintain elasticity in their joints so they can stay active this holiday season

YUP PUP will help ensure you and your furry best friend have a fun-filled holiday.

And don’t forget to grab an extra bag of YUP PUP for the PAW-fect holiday hostess gift for dog owners!

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