Product Spotlight: Savory Salmon Snacks

salmon oil for dogs benefits

Savory Salmon Snacks: Salmon Oil for Dogs Benefits

salmon oil for dogs benefits

Whether your pup experiences joint pain, anxiety, tummy troubles, itchiness or none of the above, your #FBF will love our Savory Dog Treats. 

YUP PUP™ Savory Salmon Snacks are like a multivitamin, probiotic, green juice for your dog. Our salmon dog treats are an easy all-in-one vitamin packed full of probiotics and antioxidants to promote a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

How does it work?

Relieves Anxiety: Our all-natural CBD helps to relieve anxiety and reduce stress in our furry best friends. That way the groomers, vet, and thunderstorms are less stressful for your pup AND for you. 

Reduces Joint Pain: Chondroitin and our all-natural CBD are working together to rebuild joint strength over time. After about a week of consistent use, your pup will begin to feel stronger and have less joint pain.

Ease Digestion: Organic applesauce, honey and flaxseed are the perfect combinations of ingredients for a healthful probiotics to ease digestion discomfort and improve your pups 💩.

Promotes Healthy Coat: Salmon oil and CBD help to vitalize and rejuvenate your #FBF’s fur coat to reduce itchiness and hot spots.

Click here to learn more about how CBD works in dogs.

What’s Inside?

Peanut Butter & Chicken Broth: Great source of protein, healthy far, Vitamin B & C, and niacin.

Honey & Applesauce: Energy booster and helps ease digestion.

Cinnamon & Vitamin E oil: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Chondroitin: Promotes water retention and elasticity in joints. 

Salmon Oil: Promotes healthy coat & skin.

CBD: Helps body solve the imbalances, providing relief to anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain, or digestion problems. 

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