Tips for Halloween Anxiety in Dogs

halloween dog

Anxiety in dogs

YUP! Halloween is upon us, which means noisy doorbells, scary costumes, and large crowds of people. 

While that may sound fun to many of us, not everyone is a fan of this holiday. Our dogs can be especially anxious on Halloween. Whether your pup is prone to anxiety or not, holidays like Halloween can be stressful for our #FBFs. 

So, how can you help your pup get through Halloween this year?

  1. Know the Signs of Anxiety

You won’t be able to help your pup relieve their anxieties if you don’t know they are anxious. Here are some common symptoms of anxiety you can look out for. 

  • Yawning or Licking: While these symptoms may seem like harmless habits, excessive yawning or licking is often a cause of anxiety. Just like humans bite their nails or grind their teeth when they’re anxious, dogs can also show anxiety through behaviors like ours. 
  • Changes in Appetite: When the anxiety starts to kick in, fearful dogs can often lose their appetite. This is a clear indication that your pup is anxious.
  • Hiding: Anxiety in dogs can trigger their flight or fight senses. If you notice your pup hiding under the couch or the back of the closet, this may be Fido telling you he’s anxious. 

Learn more about what anxiety looks like in dogs: here.

  1. Exercise 

If you frequently read our blogs, you know exercise is one of our favorite recommendations for anxiety. Just like in humans, exercise releases endorphins that help relieve stress in our pups. Take a walk, throw a frisbee or head to your local park before the festivities begin.

  1. Practice 

Get your pup used to visitors! Invite a friend or neighbor over and have them ring the doorbell before entering. A doorbell can be startling for your dog, especially if it’s a new sound to them. Reward your pup with yummy treats when the doorbell rings to associate the scary noise with something they love!

  1. Calming Treats

Hemp treats will help to calm your pup’s nerves so you both can enjoy the celebration. Give your #FBF YUP PUP 20-30 minutes before the festivities begin to help relieve their anxiety. Plus YUP PUP’s all-natural, organic heart-shaped treats are YUM.

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