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The four-legged “Spy” that ended the Cold War

the kennedy's and their dogs

When the Kennedy family moved into the White House in 1961, they brought with them a cat called Tom Kitten, a canary named robin, and a welsh terrier who they called Charlie.  Of all the horses, deer, hamsters, rabbits, and parakeets that were later gifted to the president, Charlie remained his favorite.  Kennedy would request

Get in the Arena!

Roosevelt and his dog Rollo

Teddy Roosevelt our 26th president arrived at the White House with a flurry of animals, six children, and a LOT of personality. Dog’s were a large part of President Roosevelt’s large life and boy did he have a lot of them. There was Sailor Boy, a Chesapeake retriever, Rollo, a good-natured St. Bernard, and Manchu,


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