Making History: First-Dog Edition. 

Biden's first-dogs

President Biden’s first-dog, Major, has made history as the first shelter dog to ever reside in the White House (and for a couple other things, but we’ll get into that later). 

“Sometimes people think shelters only have broken animals, but the cool thing is, we can say that if a dog is good enough for the White House, it’s certainly good enough for your house,”

Said Patrick Carroll, the Executive Director of the Delaware Humane Society.

But even though Major made history as soon as he walked through those doors, he still has some big paws to fill. 

Biden’s late first-dog, Champ, was no stranger to the White House. Champ accompanied Biden while he served as Vice President from 2009-2017. He stayed by Biden’s side for his first year as President, until he passed away in June of 2021 at 13 years old. 

Before Major, there was Senator and Governor. Are you sensing the theme here? His dog’s names were very intentional. Champ was named with the nickname Biden’s father famously used to call him as a child. He’d say “Champ, when you get knocked down, get up!”

And boy, is that true.

In March of 2021, Major ran into some trouble which happened to make headlines all over the US. “Minor ‘Major’ Issues” and “‘Major’ Pain”. With the stress of the white house chaos, the Biden’s moved Major out of the White House to stay with family. 

Seems like Major could’ve used some “Major” help from YUP PUP. 

A few months later, the Biden’s welcomed Commander into the white house, a 5-month-old German shepherd to take on the responsibility of First-Dog. 

From Champ to Major to Commander, Biden’s four-legged family is no exception to the long history of influential presidential pets. 

P.S. Biden, if you’re reading this, check your PO box… we sent you something that may help ease the anxiety of your first-pup.

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