#44! Barack Obama Keeping his promise!

During the grueling campaign trail on his way to the presidency, President Barack Obama made a promise to his two girls: at the end of the trail: they would get a dog! After the election in his Grant Park victory speech, he said “I love you both more than you can imagine. You have earned that puppy that is coming with us!”

And that is how Bo, a male Portuguese Water Dog, became the Nations (44th) First Dog. Followed by Sunny, a female Portuguese water dog in August 2013.

Throughout his Presidency President Obama could often be seen on the lawn playing with the dog(s). And both Bo and Sunny were almost always present when the First Family was together. Both First Dogs were rocketed to stardom and in fact, to this day they occupy a place on the Obama’s website (see it here: https://www.obama.org/gallery/bo-sunny/ ).

The Washington Post‘s Manuel Roig-Franzia was granted exclusive initial access to Bo and described the puppy: “Bo’s a handsome little guy. Well suited for formal occasions at the White House,  he’s got tuxedo-black fur, with a white chest, white paws, and a rakish white goatee.”

Anticipating Bo’s arrival, FOUR children’s books were published featuring Bo -as well as a plush toy. Bo also made the rounds in entrainment media. He was featured in a comic book (Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers) and on Late Night with Seth Myers, wherein there was a “Barney cam” parody where he is shown shamelessly manipulating the White House staff. -He also acquired the name “Bo-bama”.

In the area of strange, Bo was the victim of a kidnapping plot, as secret service agents discovered that Scott Stockert from North Dakota had planned on capturing Bo. Luckily the Secret Service apprehended him before he could hatch his plan.

Bo was joined by Sunny in August of 2013 who was announced on the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Twitter account.

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