Say NOPE to Holiday Stress

holiday stress

The Holiday season is upon us. And with holiday fun, comes holiday STRESS.

Between all the good food and festive parties, there is also the inescapable holiday anxiety.  

Studies have shown that our furry best friends can sense human emotions. This means when you express excitement, your dog mimics that response. This also means when your stress levels begin to rise, so can your pups.

Luckily, we have 4 awesome tips to help your dog relax and enjoy the holidays with you.

  1. Be Aware of your Emotion

You must take care of yourself before your pup! The feelings of worry, anxiety and anger are the easiest for a dog to read and, the easiest for a dog to inhabit. If you sense yourself feeling stressed, take deep breaths, and calm yourself down. If you can learn to control your stress levels, so can Fido!

  1. Try YUP PUP

YUP PUP is the Treat That Treats™ anxiety! This hemp-derived dog treat will help ease stress in your #FBF, so you no longer have to worry about your emotions impacting theirs. P.S. they make hemp for humans too….

3. Exercise

Exercise is a great stress reducer. Be sure to keep it up over the holidays. Walk to a park or take a snowy hike. Studies have shown both dogs and their owners benefit from exercise!

  1. Mental stimulation

Introduce a new toy to your pet to get them busy. Or help them learn a new trick. It’s important to stimulate their brain to reduce anxiety.

The bottom line is, if you’re stressed, chances are your dog is too. So stay calm this holiday season with the help of YUP PUP!

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