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Summer is here. With a wild year behind us, we’re all ready for a taste of normalcy. 

So pack your beach bags, jump in the car, and hit the road….but wait. What about your dog?

Summer vacation for humans = stress-FREE. Summer vacation for pups = stress-FULL. 

Day trips, week-long stays, or months away — heck, your pup misses you even when you’re in the bathroom.  

Don’t leave your furry best friend behind, here are a few tips to set your pup-friendly vay-cay up for success! 

  1. Update your dog’s ID

No matter how cautious you are, pets often get lost in unfamiliar places. The best thing you can do is be prepared.

Update your pup’s collar with your current phone number, name, and address. If you plan to stay at your destination more than a week, consider updating their collar with your vacation address. 

A microchip is a great backup. It’s not uncommon for dogs to lose their collars when they get lost. If your pup is not micro-chipped, visit your local vet before you head out.

  1. Find pet-friendly accommodations

It’s more popular than ever to travel with your dog and most hotels know that. In fact, many hotels embrace it. 

Check out YUP PUP’s top picks for Pet-Friendly Hotels in the Northeast.

You can also use sites like BringFido.com or GoPetFriendly.com to help find restaurants, rest-stops, and accommodations for your road trip schedule.  

  1. Pack the essentials 

Don’t forget your furry best friend’s favorite things. Download the YUP PUP VAY VAY Packing List! CLICK HERE.

  1. Plan for car sickness and anxiety

Whether you drive 2 hours or 12, unfamiliar car rides can be nerve-wracking for your pup. 

Give your dog YUP PUP 20-30 minutes before you hit the road to help ease anxiety and reduce motion sickness. When your #FBF feels comfortable, car rides can actually be fun for Fido!

  1. Make frequent stops 

Joint stiffness is real! Make sure to make frequent stops along the way so you and your dog can take a couple of minutes to stretch and use the bathroom. 

Take this opportunity to play a game of fetch, take in some views and spend some time with your furry best friend. 

You can also use YUP PUP to help promote mobility and help ease the tension in your pup’s joints! 

  1. Safety first!

Your dog should strap in just like you. Seat belts and harness restraints are easy to find at local pet shops or online. It’s important your pup rides in the backseat, as airbags can cause major injuries.

  1. Try new things.

Vacation is the time to try new things. New activities, new adventures, AND new food. Don’t be afraid to let your pup be a part of it all!

Use YUP PUP to help ease your furry best friend’s digestion and make trying new things easy and fun. 

  1. Bring distractions 

Your pup may not be able to join in on your game of road trip “I spy”, but you can help him keep entertained. 

Bring enrichment puzzles, chew toys, and large bones to keep your pup occupied while you chant 100 bottles of beer on the wall for the 3rd time.  

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