Help your Pup Adjust to a Post-Pandemic World

*Head tilt* You’re … leaving?

From constant belly rubs and couch snuggles to hours spent by the front door, our pups adjustment to the post-pandemic world won’t be easy.

While many people head back to the office, our pups are left confused and upset at the sudden change in routine.

It’s our job, as their human, to help them through it.

Here are five tips to help your pup adjust to the transition back to work.

1. Spend some time away from your pup

Before you return to work, give your pup a taste of what it’s like to be alone again. Start as small as 10 minutes, and gradually build up to a couple hours. Be sure to transition slowly so your pup isn’t left in distress for long periods of time. You can even make his alone time fun by leaving his favorite treats and toys.

2. Know the signs of stress/anxiety

Whether you adopted your pup in the crux of the pandemic or you’ve had your FBF for years, the transition will be stressful for them. It’s important to know the signs of stress, so that you can address them properly.

Learn what signs to look for here:

3. Teach them independence while your at home

I know, it sounds easier than it actually is. While we’d all love to cuddle our pups for hours, it’s important they learn to be comfortable on their own. Use enrichment puzzles and games. Encourage them to sleep in their own bed. Play music or tv to stimulate their senses. Create an environment where your dog can feel content independently.

4. Create a realistic routine

Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. Once your pup is comfortable with a new routine, keep it consistent. Breakfast at 7. Walk at 4. Dinner at 6. Rinse, repeat. Soon enough your pup will know it like the back of his paw and find comfort in his/her daily routine.

5. Exercise your pup

Get your pup some exercise before you leave for work. Take a walk around the block. Throw a ball in the backyard. Let your pup get all his/her energy out before you leave for the day. This will help minimize their stress and tire them out.

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