SPAW Day with Fido

Need a Vacay from the hustle and bustle of the New Year? Here are a few tips for the best Staycation SPAW day to help you and your pup relax. 

1. Get that Exercise

While exercise may be the opposite of our typical spa day, your pup will love it! A long run, hike, or game of fetch will help calm and relax your dog by releasing endorphins and tiring them out. 

2. Scent the mood with some Aromatherapy

No SPAW day is complete without lovely, calming scents. Studies show that, not only do dogs love the smell of Lavender and Chamomile, they also reduce heart rates in pups (and humans)! Try infusing their bath, or defusing your house, with these scents to promote tranquility.

3. Give your Fur Baby a Massage

We can all use a good massage- even your FBF! Find a quiet place in your home to help calm your pup. Try these massages to have your pup melt in your lap from relaxation:

  • The Spine: 

Start at the base of the skull and gently stroke up and down the spine. Rubbing the base of their skull and tale releases oxytocin to aid in relaxation.

  • The Head:

Your pup’s head has several calming spots. Try to use gentle pressure from your thumb to slowly go back and forth over the top of the nose and over the head. 

  • The Legs:

 Who doesn’t love a good leg massage? Use light pressure with both thumbs to make backwards “C”s over your dog’s thighs and glutes. They’ll thank you with loads of face kisses. 

With all massages, remember to not put too much pressure on any bones or joints. If your pup shows any signs of discomfort, stop massaging that area. 

4. Did someone say ManiPedi?

ManiPedis alway make us, humans, feel special and relaxed. Why not treat your pup? Try to clean their paws in a warm bath and clipping their nails. If you’re feeling bougie, find a dog friendly nail polish and let those colors shine!

5. Yup Pup Hemp Treats

Of course, all SPAW days are better with a snack! Give your pup the Treats that Treat to help with anxiety, joint pain and overall relaxation on your perfect SPAW day.

  • Hemp Tasty Bacon Treats
    Hemp Tasty Bacon Treats
  • Hemp Peanut Butter Bites
    Hemp Peanut Butter Bites
  • Hemp Savory Salmon Snacks
    Hemp Savory Salmon Snacks

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