New Product ALERT

INTRODUCING…Yup Pup Originals! 

YUP! Feeding your PUP all-natural, organically sourced, vitamin-packed goodness is SO simple with Yup Pup Originals. 

Yup Pup Originals are baked to paw-fection with your dog’s favorite ingredients from their favorite hemp treats!


What’s inside?

Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Gluten-Free  Honey, Vegan Vegetable Broth, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Buffered  White Distilled Vinegar, Sunflower Oil, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin  E Oil, Organic Applesauce, Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Coconut Flour,  Flaxseed, Molasses, Chondroitin, and Chamomile.


What’s the difference between Yup Pup Originals and Yup Pup Hemp Treats?

Yup Pup Originals are made out of the same delicious ingredients as Yup Pup’s Hemp Treats. So what’s the difference? Yup Pup Originals do not contain any Hemp!

Yup Pup Originals are made to relieve anxiety, promote joint health, and improve your pup’s well-being…similar to our Hemp Treats!

How should I know which Yup Pup treat I should try for my dog?

YUP! Yup Pup Hemp Treats help to provide relief for dogs with ailments such as anxiety and joint pain. And YUP! Yup Pup Original Treats also help calm your pup and support joint health. So how do you choose?

Yup Pup Hemp treats to aid in treating anxiety in situations like the groomers, fireworks, thunderstorms, etc. These treats are most effective in relieving stress if taken 20-30 before a situation where your dog may feel anxious. Our hemp treats also help to relieve joint pain in active dogs with achy bones. IOW: Yup Pup Hemp Treats aid in treating specific ailments! 

Yup Pup Originals are your pup’s everyday multivitamin to promote a happy, healthy lifestyle! It’s a treat for EVERY pup! For dogs with anxiety, for dogs with active lifestyles, for the couch-potato pups, and for the health nut pup! Yup Pup Originals are a delicious, healthy treat to give your pup anytime, any day, or anywhere. IOW: Yup Pup Original Treats help to improve your pup’s overall wellness.





At YUP PUP we speak DOG. YUP PUP is a dog wellness company, driven to improve the lives of our furry best friends.

We do this through our all-natural, organically sourced, made-in-the-USA healthy treats. YUP PUP products are based on our YUP PUP 3 H’s: Happiness, Health, and Healing.

Our Yup Pup Hemp Treats and Originals are paw-fect examples of our golden triad!

You can shop both our Hemp Treats and Original Treats on, Amazon and in select stores!

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