Road Trip with your Dog

Our dogs are our full-time adventure buddies, but traveling with a dog is never simple. 

Summer vacations that require a plane, train, or bus are usually out of the picture for us dog owners. This is why road trips have become a staple in the dog owners’ guide to summer trips. But even long car rides require a bit of preparation (especially for our more anxious dogs). 

So how can you make your road trip easy, upbeat, and fun for your pup? Don’t hit the road without reading the YUP PUP™ guide to paw-some road trips.


If you plan on taking your dog on a 5-hour car ride, but they’ve never been in the car longer than 20 minutes, you’ll want to ease into this.

Instead of going 0-100 (or 20 minutes to 300 minutes), start by bringing your dog for a longer ride. There are a ton of simple ways you can do this. If you’re bringing your dog to his usual dog park, opt to try out a new park in the next town. Your pup will get the reward of playing with new friends while you secretly practice for that long trip.

Pack the Essentials 

Long road trips require a short list of must-haves in order to keep your dog happy and comfortable. 

  • Seatbelt / Hammock
dog hammock
  • Food & Water Bowls
dog water bowls and food bowls
  • Food, Water & Treats 
dog treats for anxiety
  • Leash
dog leash
  • Travel Crate / Bed
dog crate in car
  • Poop Bags
dog poop bags
  • Lint Roller 
dog lint roller
  • Pet ID Tags 
dog tags
  • YUP PUP Calming Aid: Take 30% off with code: DOGDAY

Exercise Your Dog 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — exercise is so GOOD for your pup. If you’re taking a road trip with your dog, it’s important to give your pup lots of exercise before and during the trip. This will help: 1. Reduce stress and keep your dog calm. 2. Avoid joint pain from sitting for long periods of time. 3 Allow your pup to rest on the trip!

Pay Attention to Signs of Anxiety 

Believe it or not, many dogs have a fear of car rides. Whether it’s caused by motion sickness, a previous bad experience in the car, or general anxiety of not knowing where they’re headed, car ride anxiety IS a thing. How can you tell if your dog is anxious in the car? Here are a few things you can look out for:

  1. Vomiting 
  2. Shaking
  3. Drooling
  4. Whining 
  5. Scratching 

If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, here’s how you can help. Give your dog a YUP PUP Hemp Treat 20-40 minutes before leaving for the journey. This treat will help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation during your travels.

Entertain Your Dog 

Introduce a new toy to your pet to keep them busy in the car. If you’re having trouble keeping them calm and relaxed, your next best option is to keep them occupied. Stimulate their brain with puzzles, toys, and treats! This will help reduce anxiety and keep your pup happy. 

The bottom line is: Don’t leave your furry best friend behind! Follow the YUP PUP guide to vacationing with your pup!


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