YUP! It’s almost Fourth of July. The 4th is a paw-fect time to enjoy summer festivities with family/friends (including the four-legged kind). From barbecues to fireworks to pool parties, the 4th of July is an awesome summer highlight.

But … for our four-legged friends, the 4th can be one of the most anxiety-ridden days of the year.

Parties with unfamiliar faces and noisy fireworks are a catalyst to stress for our #FBF’s. In fact, nearly 10 million dogs each year runaway during the fourth of July fun and fireworks are the #1 reason why.

Noise phobia is common for most dogs, and fireworks are no exception to that fear. They can trigger our furry best friends to go into survival mode, and most often, feel the need to run for their lives.

While this statistic may be startling, YUP PUP has got you covered. Here are 3 ways you can prevent your pup from running for the hills this fourth of July.

1. Lots of exercise (pre festivities)

Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise before the big event. This will play a key role in stress relief. When your dog is feeling tired, this gives them less room to focus on fear and more room to focus on rest.  

2. Check in on your pup

Check in on your dog to make sure they’re doing all right. If your dog gets overwhelmed and uncomfortable around new people, think of putting your dog in a quiet location throughout the event. Remember, you are their #1 hero and when you feel safe, so do they.

3. Try Calming Treats

Yup Pup is also a great way to calm your dog’s anxieties during The Fourth of July. Give your Pup a YUP PUP treat 20 to 30 minutes before your event. From fireworks to busy barbecues, YUP PUP’s hemp treat helps reduce anxiety and calm your #FBF for up to 6 hours so everyone can enjoy the festivities.

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