Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer For Fido

Include your pup in the Holiday festivities this year by stuffing their stocking full of PAW-some, pup-friendly gifts!

Let’s unwrap the holiday must-haves for your #FBF this year:

For the Playful Pup:

A toy!

Nope, not just any toy. Find the right to toy to fit your dog’s personality.

Is he big? small? Is he an aggressive chewer? A cuddler? Or just a pup?

There are different types of toys to suit your dog’s personality, so shop with that in mind.

“BIG DILL” – Holiday Pickle Plush Dog Toy

“Bolt Bite” – WildOne

(And if you’re feeling crafty and creative, you could buy the materials off Amazon and fashion a toy yourself! Make a durable toy that will last longer and use non-toxic material. Rubber or nylon are great options!)

For the Hygienic Pup:

Christmas is always a good time to spruce up anyway, right?

A good shampoo can help dogs with anything from fleas to a shinier coat. Some dogs have dry, itchy, or more oily skin. So make sure you buy a shampoo considering your dogs’ sensitivities or allergies.

“Oatmeal Shampoo” – Burt’s Bees

For the Anxious Pup:

For the Holiday evenings surrounded by too many people or no people at all. Help your anxious pup relax this Holiday season with YUP PUP!

While it does help to ease anxiety, it also has awesome additional benefits. YUP PUP helps with joint pain relief, digestion issues, and skin irritation.

Hemp Dog Treats – YUP PUP™

For the Pampered Pup:

If you’ve noticed Fido’s paws are a little cracked, dry or seem to be chaffed from the cold winter weather, (and even if you haven’t) consider adding Paw Balm to their stocking.

This buttery cream is moisturizing and heals and prevents many types of paw ailments. Check out this organic balm made of natural ingredients.

Dog Paw Balm – Paw Nectar

Stocking Stuffers are an easy way to let Fido participate in the holiday fun! So why not stuff a stocking this Christmas and share the Christmas spirit with all your family members

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