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YUP PUP™ FUN RUN — Westport, CT.

About 50 people and their dogs participated in Westport’s first annual Westport Labor Day Fun Run.
The event promoted the importance of diet and exercise to people who work, but also for those who have four-legged friends.
The dog-treat company Yup Pup and the running store Fleet Feet, both based in Westport, sponsored the event.
“We know that diet and exercise are two of the most important things we do. So, we think it’s a great thing to combine those things with our furry best friends. So, we are sponsoring this event to get people out there and run with their dogs and have a great Labor Day weekend,” said Joe Sequenzia.
Organizers say the fastest-growing dog treat company in New England, Yup Pup is proud to salute all working Americans — including the four-legged variety both at home and abroad.


A dog treat company based in Westport has teamed up with a Texas nonprofit called Mission K-9 to help dogs returning from war.
They’re working together to give America’s furry heroes a soft-landing back home after risking their lives to defend our freedom.
YUP PUP is donating its hemp treats to help military dogs suffering from joint pain, anxiety and other problems.

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YUP PUP Launches Dog Treats — FOX61

It started with a love of dogs.

“We’re dog people. We speak dogs. We’ve always had dogs in our life, and it’s a lifetime of love.  They give us so much, we thought what can we give back to them?  They can’t really go out and purchase their own food, so we started really looking at the stuff we’re feeding our dogs,” said Joe Sequenzia, CEO of YUP PUP.

Two years ago, Sequenzia and Kelly Coveny started researching and talking to food scientists to figure out the key ingredients to put in a healthy dog treat.

“We came up with a very simple ingredient base – seven all natural organic ingredients.  It has hemp in it and we started YUP PUP.  We began manufacturing and began marketing the product April 15,” said Sequenzia.

That hemp treat was inspired by Sequenzia’s own experience with hemp therapy.  When he was 24, he was diagnosed with cancer, and as he went through chemotherapy, his doctor suggested hemp to help with anxiety and digestion.

“So for about nine months, I ingested hemp and I lived to tell the tale,” he said.

They say research shows hemp can do even more for dogs.

“It definitely treats anxiety, joint pain, it helps with digestion, with healthy coats and inflammation,” said Kelly Coveny, Chief Marketing Officer for YUP PUP.

They say the treats are safe and they give them to their own dogs, one to help with joint pain, the other to treat anxiety.

“We do things for our own anxiety and we thought why can’t we do that for the dogs?  And right now, mental health is a huge issue, and for dogs, they can’t speak up for themselves, so we wanted to be able to open up that dialogue,” said Coveny.

They say so far, the feedback has been tremendous.

“We’ve had many people write in for thunderstorms that it’s been transformational.  They give their dog the treat probably about ten-fifteen {minutes} before and it completely takes the edge off of them hiding under the table, shaking, pacing around in circles.  They are much more relaxed,” said Coveny.

YUP PUP is in two stores, but most sales are direct to consumer through its online store at

Local Dog Treats — News 12 CT

A Westport man is selling a new line of dog treats containing hemp derivative gains popularity in treating many things, from insomnia to joint pain.
Joe Sequenzia is the creator of YUP PUP, which he says is one of the first all-natural, organic, hemp dog treats to hit the market.
The well-known entrepreneur says he’s thrilled by the success of the product, which launched online April 15.
Sequenzia was once the chief marketing officer for the largest cannabis company in America. He says while can be derived from cannabis and hemp, hemp is the only one of the two that does not contain THC, the chemical in cannabis that produces the high.
“I really wish there was better understanding between hemp and cannabis,” he said.
The tasty treats are a favorite for his two Golden Retrievers, Floyd and Zezu, who’ve been taking them for the past several months.
“What we saw with Hemp in our treats with YUP PUP is immediate,” he said. “So things like anxiety, it’s an immediate difference. It’s a daily treat, they eat it every day. For our 10-year-old golden, he can go up and down the stairs again. For our 4-year-old golden, it makes him a little less crazy.”
Click here for more information on YUP PUP.

Westport locals launch YUP PUP — WTNH

(WTNH) — As we come out of the pandemic and workers head back to the office, our pets may be dealing with anxiety. A shoreline couple has come up with a new dog treat designed to help Fido feel better.

Maybe it will help Cooper, a dog who looks pretty freaked out every time he gets in a car.

“He is an awesome dog, but he hates the car,” said Cooper’s owner, Fairfield resident Tracey Holleran. “We tried medication from our vet. It did not work. We’ve tried Dramamine, did not work.”

Now, Holloran is thinking about trying Hemp. That’s something Westport entrepreneur Joe Sequenzia knows about.

“Hemp is an all-natural remedy, as you probably know, and it seems to be all the rage right now, for everything from pain, sleep, anxiety,” Sequenzia said. “So, as we started using it ourselves, we thought we could also look into this for our dogs.”

That’s how he and his wife Kelly ended up developing Yup Pup: dog treats made from natural ingredients, with Hemp in them. And no, they are not getting their dogs high.

“Hemp is found in cannabis and hemp,” explained Joe’s wife, Kelly Coveny. “Cannabis is the plant that also contains marijuana, or THC, and we do not have that.”

THC is the element in the cannabis plant that creates a psychoactive effect. Using Hemp only – without THC – will not result in a psychoactive effect for you or your dog.

Veterinary Technician Kristen Barstow helped with the recipe and says there is no risk of addiction, either.

“It targets very specific receptors in certain areas of the body,” said Barstow. “So, as soon as it targets those receptors, it does its job. And as soon as it’s done, it’s done. There’s no dependency on that.”

Many dogs have grown dependent on their people working from home every day during the pandemic. That is rapidly changing as folks head back to the office.

“Pets, you know, are very prone to something called ‘separation anxiety,’” Barstow said. “Now, their people are no longer there, and they are spending more and more time by themselves.”

Some signs of anxiety are “accidents” in the house, or chewing things they are not supposed to. Hemp can help with that.

“It’s been really interesting the different kinds of anxiety that people have written in about,” Coveny said. “From thunderstorms, that it’s helped tremendously with, to grooming.”

Yup Pup is only available online. It’s fairly new, but Joe and Kelly have already noticed the difference in their golden retrievers. Less joint pain for the older one, a calmer demeanor in the younger one.

As for Cooper, Holleran has an appointment to talk about Hemp.

“As soon as our veterinarian says that we’re good to go, I’ll try it immediately,” said Holleran. “My hope is that we can get him to the point where we can bring him more places, not just out of necessity.”

And hopefully, no more freak outs in the car.