10 Creative Dog Costumes for Halloween

dog costume


This Halloween, we asked YOU to show us your #FBF in costume, and boy, did you deliver. 

Here are some of our favorite dog Halloween costumes this year. 

10. Scarecrow 

If you’re going to scare off the crows, you can at least look adorable doing it. 

9. Chick-Fil-A Mascot

Customers are going to be really disappointed this year when they realize this #FBF is not the real Chick-Fil-A mascot. 

8. Mermaid

Ariel? Is that you?

This mermaid costume is a winner… I just hope #FBF, Stella can swim!


You are what you eat… or in this case, You are what you WISH you could eat! This #FBF deserves a whole pizza pie for this masterpiece. 

6. Peacock

Well… you definitely won’t find this laying in the back of your closet. #FBF Cooper is shaking his tail feathers and making us wish we did more than just cut up an old sheet. 

5. Pilot

Captain Covey is ready for take-off. 

4. Super Heros

Wonderwoman and Superman are off to save the world …. with puppy kisses! 

3. Fire Fighter

This #FBF is fighting fires and winning hearts. 

2. Cotton Candy 

Cotton Candy… I mean come on! #FBF Delilah is so SWEET!

1. Harry Potter

Wingardium Leviosa! You’re a wizard Chloe!


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